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About Me

Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my site and taking a moment to see the world through my eyes. 


Now- a little about me! I've always gravitated towards photos, but it wasn't until college when I spent a semester abroad in Cameroon that my love for photography truly blossomed. While there I took pictures of everything so that I could share my experience back home. It's been non-stop since then!

Flash forward to today- I am a happily married mom to daughter Anya Rose, and I have two cat children. During the year I am a portrait photographer in MD and during the summer I am the photographer at Kingswood Camp for Boys in NH. 

About my photo style:

- I love to showcase vibrant colors

- Eyes are everything and are always my focus

- I use reflections whenever possible because I appreciate seeing the world from different angles

- I have a deep respect for the natural world and thrive most when my photoshoots are outdoors

Let's talk

Rockville, MD/ Piermont, NH

Tel: 301.502.3459


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